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HOLLYWOOD       5435 Cahuenga Blvd., Suite E, North Hollywood CA 91601


PRATO           Sara Ruoti Vocal Studio, Prato




CAGLIARI        Voice & Soul - Via Fermi 14 Cagliari




VICTORIA       South Island Studio - 1905 Davie St, Victoria, BC V8R 4W5


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Sony Music, Columbia, Mercury

Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, actress. 

As of 2012, she is a coach on THE VOICE AUSTRALIA


Giovanna prepared Italian Delta's accent during her 

Tour with Andrea Bocelli in Asia - May 2009




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Composer - Oscar winner

Best Music Composition for "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso"


"Giovanna is a singer gifted by extraordinary qualities. The affabilitty of her voice is capable to mould on any different color of executive technique. In the teaching field, she can harmonize every aspect of her huge talent."



Golden Globe winning movie music composer




Pianist - Composer - Producer

International sensation as Bruno Martelli of the acclaimed motion picture and television series "Fame"


"Between Giovanna's tried and true vocal teaching methods, her intuitiveness, and  her sweet and patient character, she is a godsend for vocalists and aspiring   singers alike. I want to tell everyone about her!"




"To study at Venice Voice Academy was the best experience ever and I can't wait to go back. Thanks to Giovanna Gattuso and her Crossover Singing Method, thanks to Gege' Telesforo and his Vocal Jazz Concept.  If you want to DO music, you MUST  take her classes"



Orchestra Conductor

Billboard Top-Ten artist Award-winning music director and Founder of NOHO piano Academy 


"She is the only singer to my knowledge able to perform in Italian classical repertoire as well as Contemporary and jazz compositions with utmost artistry and professionalism...


Golden Globe Nominated 

Best Actress for "Gypsy" 


Young Artist Award Nominated 

Best Young Actress for "Fame"


"My life has changed since that day in spring of 2008, and I am so grateful for all of the growth and learning that I have experienced because of Giovanna Gattuso.  My career has expanded in a way I did not know was possible and I look forward to this business partnership for years to come.



President of APM Music, the largest supplier of music to the television and film industries.


"Giovanna is a unique talent, who brings her extraordinary spirit and energy and her deep knowledge of the human voice and the physiology behind it to her work. She is an exciting, worldly teacher who takes a personal interest in everyone with whom she works. There is no one like her."

gege' telesforo


Sony Music, Columbia Records

JAZZiT Award Winner 2010 & 2011

 "... finally I was able to give a face to a meme that, in the vocal teaching field and in the international education, has a top position.  I have to admit that it was a great surprise to discover that Ms. Gattuso, the author of the Crossover Singing Method which I always suggest to may students, she was not an old woman with a voice academy in Los angeles but… a beautiful woman! The enthusiasm contagious of Giovanna after my 3 hours workshop and her compliments for my teaching job as musician, confirmed in a second that her love for music and her huge passion for teaching were the success of her fame. Her venice voice Academy, in both location of Italy and California USA were she is surrounded by the best international teachers/musicians is now day the place were all young and professionals  singers need to go to go deep into this field. The attention to details, the professionality, and the informal hospitality that students will receive at the VVA and her staff of teachers is unique.  Today I am vey proud that my Voca Jazz Concept became one of the class at the VVA just like I am honored , as a Jazz Vocalist who is always learning, to have Giovanna Gattuso as Direector and also, before my concert, as Personal Vocal Trainer. 




Tamaulipas Festival in Mexico, Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Opéra-Théâtre in  St. Etienne, La Scala in Milan 


"I met Giovanna during her classical training and I was amazed at her ability to pick up the different styles and techniques, an ability that gives her the chance to associate with different musical and artistic genres. Surely her artistry is a positive influence on both her students and fellow musicians, who can benefit from working with such a dynamic and versatile performer"



Singer, Composer

Persian pop star 


"After extensive search for a new vocal coach, I came across Giovanna in December of 2009. Having had previous experience working with different singers and vocal coaches, I knew from the very first session that I had come across a gem. She is an amazing singer, her voice reminds me of a finely tuned musical instrument. She puts her heart and soul in her profession. Along other great attributes, her sincerity and work ethics keeps bringing me back to her."



Guitarist, Singer

Guitar player for the Grammy Award winners Sergio Mendes and Tiziano Ferro. Instructor at The Los Angeles Music Academy 


”It was magnificent, the level of artistry she displayed, and this concert was one of the best concerts Ive attended. had the opportunity to meet Giovanna in person and discovered that her personality and character also reflected her art. Knowing her personally led me to learn about Giovannas high level of knowlege as a music educator, whose extensive experience and unique teaching techniques achieve fast and effective results with all of her students. Giovannas recent Award nomination for her CD entitled "Jungle and Maree speaks for itself.”



Singer, Columbia record

SanRemo Festival Winner 2005 


"Every day I reald one page on the Crossover Singing method.  It is a Voice method that I suggest every singer to use. It explains very well the correct use of the voice, our instrument so fragile which we should love and respect. It's great for those people that use the voice proefessionally, like me. I believe we never done with learning and the Crossover method gave me so much! "



Pianist of the Stars

Three-time “MVP” Grammy Award Winner Plays Jazz, Classical, Pop and R&B


"Her Crossover Singing Method is an essential resource for all students of voice. A comprehensive study of the creation of vocal sound and the techniques and exercises needed 'make it happen'. To my knowledge, there is no other study like it. It covers all the essential aspects of voice production."



Coaching and Leadership Development Consultant


"Consapevole della potenza e importanza della Voce nei processi di Leadership Development e di sviluppo delle potenzialità e risorse profonde si è creata inaspettatamente  la connessione con Giovanna tra una partenza per Los Angeles e il rientro a Torino.  Le nostre conversazioni immediate e di reciproca comprensione hanno preso forma fin dal primo contatto e continuano nel tempo come un “Mantra”.. le parole fluiscono e il Canto diventa uno spazio ipnotico grazie all’accompagnamento magistrale, attento, scrupoloso e stimolante di Giovanna.  In questi anni ho sviluppato una sensibilità armoniosa e mi sono sentita incoraggiata, supportata con delicatezza e mai giudicata."



Professor of Guitar and Ear Training at Berklee College of Music- Boston


"I found her to be among the finest vocalists in todays jazz world. Giovanna's technique is impeccable, her creativity shines in her recorded works and even more brilliantly so on stage, her compositional talents are truly outstanding and she is an excellent producer. Giovanna will surely continue to be a role model for female musicians everywhere."



Founder and President of Sequoia Productions  events planner including the Emmy® Awards Governors Ball, the Academy Awards® Governors Ball,

G’DAY USA Australia Week






"Giovanna is a multi-talented singer. She has a beautiful operatic voice, and she can sing lighter music with equal aplomb.  It is rare to find an opera singer who has a feeling for Jazz: Giovannais one of those singers."