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PRATO           Sara Ruoti Vocal Studio, Prato




CAGLIARI        Voice & Soul - Via Fermi 14 Cagliari




VICTORIA       South Island Studio - 1905 Davie St, Victoria, BC V8R 4W5


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audio book

book & cd Italian/ English


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FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS: Singing Beind The Wheel!

CD Audio

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A complete method for all singers, choir directors, teachers, and students at every level, dedicated to vocal training from basic to advanced, specializing within Crossover Singing Method. An invaluable resource to develop and maintain a healthy, balanced, expressive voice with the coordination you need to sing all the various styles.


"...I can personally testify that a "good and healthy" vocal technique allows one to sing anything. There is no difference between a "classical" technique, or a "modern" technique of this style or that one. To utilize the voice correctly, in my opinion, THERE IS ONLY ONE TECHNIQUE, and the limitations are not in the voice itself, but in the limitations that we as human beings place in front of ourselves.."


Giovanna Gattuso



  • 42 original drawn illustrations demonstrating how your voice works from anatomy outlines to the formation of sound


  • 45 exercises for breathing, warm up, vowel pronunciation, agility, dynamics of sound and resonances, register connection intonation, and support


  • Complete information about the classification of vocal ranges and registers, maintaining vocal health, the prevention of voice disorder and damage


  • Glossary in Italian & English


  • CD to support the workout - for all voice types: male/female 


  • The book is both Italian & English 


  • Cover designer: Daniela "Dadacara" Carando

(Buckle Up! Sing It!)
A singing course for drivers


The first course to study singing at the helm of your car. Those hours spent behind the wheel will be so pleasant and productive that your destination will no longer be  the priority.


Music tracks: #20


Music track "007" by Giovanna Gattuso


Arrangements, piano, keybord: Lou Forestieri


Mix and Drums: Jimmy Branly


Recorded in Studio City, California


Cover by Roberta Negossa