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What is the process to become a Certified Teacher for the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD? by Giovanna Gattuso®


If you are interested in starting the process to earn a certification to teach the Crossover Singing Method, you need to fill out the Application Form for the Certification MRC and send to: 


1. How many steps are required to complete the certification? 


The certification is divided into 4 levels: Gymnasium, Crox I, Crox II, Crox III and MASTER CROSSOVER. As soon as you begin the certification process,  you will begin the Gymnasium, the period between the initial admission and the CROX I exam. Once you pass the exam, you will obtain the license to teach CROX I. From then on you can continue  the academic path to obtain the licenses for CROX II, CROX III and  MASTER.


2. How long does each CROX take to complete? 


The preparation for any CROX (I, II, III, Master Crossover) exam requires a minimum of 12 months of study. 



3. How many years do I have to complete the CROX I, II, III, master? 


 Candidates can proceed based on their own time and schedule.  There are no obligations to obtain all the certifications. A CROX I certified teacher can concentrate on teaching CROX I for their entire career. Same rules for each level. 


4. Can I accelerate the process?


No. The learning and practice time are all part of the study process of a minimum of 12 months.


5. When can I start teaching the Crossover Singing Method? 


As soon as you pass the exam related to your CROX level. 


6. What happens if I don’t pass an exam? Can I take it again? How long must I wait to retake the exam?


Yes, you can retake your exam. You need to wait at least 6 months to prepare yourself for it again. 


7. What are the advantages of getting a certification? 


• Discounted prices for any event related to the Crossover Singing Method by Giovanna Gattuso ® (seminars, campuses, master classes, conferences, etc…); 


• Scholarships for your students; 


• Constant updates through our newsletter; 


• Visibility on our website: teachers who earn a CROX I, CROXII, 


CROX III and CROX MASTER certificate are published on:; and; 


• The chance to advertise your membership to the Crossover Singing Method Group when promoting yourself; 


• Discounted prices on lessons with Giovanna Gattuso; 


• Discounted prices when purchasing books, CDs, videos and other educational material by Giovanna Gattuso; 


• Access to the private area of our website: and; 


• The right to one free admission per year to a symposium reserved for all certified teachers;  FURTHERMORE, we will recommend your name to students in your general geographic location.


8. After I become certified, am I obligated to take more voice lessons? 


You must take a minimum of 8 hours of lessons per year with Giovanna Gattuso.



9. May I lose the right to use the certification?


Any violation of any part of the mentioned terms and restrictions above will lead to:


• The inability to continue teaching, promoting and disseminating the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD.


• Immediate cessation to any use of either GIOVANNA


GATTUSO ® or the CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD by Giovanna Gattuso ® logos.



10. How can I study with Giovanna Gattuso considering she teaches both in Italy and the Unitd States?


If the distance does not allow you to sit through live lessons, you can do it via Skype.



11. Do lessons on Skype give me the same results and benefits as live lessons? Will it be considered suitable for acquiring a certification?


Yes, absolutely! Lessons on Skype have been tested and proven successful for many years.




12. Can I start the certification process even if I have never taken voice lessons before?


There is no previous singing/teaching experience required. The Gymnasium is by definition, “the center of education, primary instruction.” The Gymnasium is the foundation for the knowledge of  the Crossover Singing Method.



13. Can I teach other voice methods while I teach the Crossover Singing Method after I receive the Certification?




14. What if I am an Opera singer? Can I be certified? Is the certification designed only for “modern” singers?


Yes, you absolutely can be certified. The meaning of Crossover is exactly that: all styles blended in a universal way. Crossover Method identifies the blend between “modern music” (pop, jazz, blues, gospel, rock,...) and classical music. Together, they create a new music world, without limits, schemes, labels.


15. Once I am certified, can I hold seminars on the Crossover Singing Method besides teaching?


It is not permitted to hold seminars, masterclasses or conferences on the Crossover Singing Method without a written authorization by

Giovanna Gattuso. Such presentations are permitted only to sadvanced level certified teachers.


16. How many times per year does Giovanna Gattuso hold masterclasses in Italy?


Giovanna Gattuso holds masterclasses in Italy two times a year.


17. Is it mandatory to participate in the Voice Camp in LA to get the certification?


No. The Voice Camp is an important study/learning experience but it is not mandatory to get certified.