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You Sing. We do the rest!
OPIFICIO Voice & Craft
italian cultural explorations
with  giovanna gattuso & sara ruoti
PRATO, TUSCANY June 10th-17th, 2019 
singing, cusine, arts, cinema

Yes, of course you do. 


But more importantly, you deserve one. 

Take a break from the hustle, the routine, the exhaustion and the mundane. 

Allow yourself to relax, let go, and be recharged in the same corner of the world that
birthed humanity’s glorious Renaissance:  Tuscany, Italy


Create life-long friendships with like minded souls, 

Eat melt in your mouth local cuisine, 
Explore Tuscany with excursions that will leave you bursting with creativity, 
Clear away the incessant mental chatter with daily walks, 
Enjoy workshops that will set you free through voice, food, mind and spirit. 


How Did The Voice & Food Retreat Come About?


When we (Giovanna and Sara) first met, singing in the same amazing venue the Duomo of Prato- Tuscany, Italy- there was an instant, deep, and soulful connection. 


We realized right away how our two areas of expertise could help so many when combined.  We both have a passion for music, singing and arts in all kinds of forms blended with a strong desire to share with people.


The truth is, there are so many souls who want to share their voice with the world, but do not have the courage to do it. 


So many people typing away at thankless jobs day in and day out who long to let their hearts burst wide open with creativity and a passion for life. 


We wanted to fulfill this need and help our students reach a new level of self-expression… and where better to do that than in Italy? 







These are the ingredients of the OPIFICIO VOICE & CRAFT


We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you in June 2019! 





This Retreat is for YOU if you... 


Love to travel,


Love delicious fresh food,

Love melt-in-your-mouth fresh food
and divine cappuccinos,

Want to improve your public speaking
by leaps and bounds,

Want to sing with abandon 
(even if it's just in your shower),

Want to unlock new layers of
your unique creativity,

Want to cook Italian food under the guide of Chefs from Florence,


Want to enjoy the ancient Italian arts,


Want to live a richer, deeper,
fuller life,


Want to go back home with a box full of great memories!






Meet Your Instructor


Giovanna Gattuso


Award Winning Vocal Coach


Benefits you'll receive:


- Meet and fall in love with your true voice!


- Communicate authentically, creatively (with confidence) and from the heart


- Develop a free, flexible and powerful voice


- Reduce vocal fatigue


- Increase your range


....and more!



Awarded Best Latin Female Singer-Songwriter and Best World Music Album at the 16th Annual International Los Angeles Music Awards, Giovanna Gattuso is the founder and author of the world-renowned CROSSOVER SINGING METHOD.


Giovanna is a sophisticated and refined musician and vocalist. She has extensive performance experience in both Europe and the United States. Her vast repertoire and styles include traditional Opera, Mediterranean Folk music & Jazz.


A world-renowned vocal coach, Giovanna lives in both Italy and Los Angeles where she collaborates with well-known musicians and regularly holds master-classes and seminars featuring her personal vocal system. 


In 2000 she founded the Venice Voice Academy based both in Venice, California and Torino, Italy. She is the Music Director of VelvetBee Records and frequently collaborates with the Italian Cultural Institute and the San Gennaro Foundation in Los Angeles.


Giovanna will teach you:


- Anatomy


- Formation of sound


- Support appoggio & sustain


- Sound release


- Vowels and positions


- Breathing technique


- Theory


- Agility


- Intonation


- Pitch


- Dozens of exercises


- Vocal range and bridges


- An effective warm-up to use before singing or public speaking


- Address bad habits that can lead to vocal nodules, muscle tension and dysphonia


- Correct Posture for speaking & singing... and more!



Meet Your Instructor


Sara Ruoti


Singer, Radio Host, Manager of Team Crox



Sara will teach you:


- the connection between cinema and music


- the connection between cinema and food


- a new way to listen to and appreciate music


- about food and wellness


- about composers of movie soundtracks 



Benefits you'll receive:


- You'll enrich your library and knowledge of films and music


- You will discover fun stories about films and music


- You will get to know interesting stories about the composers behind the songs you've heard before and you love to sing!


-You'll get to know "behind the scene" information on movies & soundtracks


...and so much more!



Sara Ruoti is a well known singer, events producer and radio host of the famous Italian award-winning “White Radio” which has been nominated for the Macchia Nera Award.  She is the Artistic Director of the program:  "Cinema da Ascoltare" ("Cinema to Listen") through which she has hosted hundreds of movie sound-track composers, actors and directors. 


Notable performances include appearances at Torvergata, Rome during the World Youth Day in front of Pope Giovanni Paolo II Wojtyla, concerts at Villa Medicea (an international film destination), Villa Petraia, Festival della Versiliana and Tettuccio of Montecatini Terme.


She has organized major events including “Millennium Choir and Orchestra” at the Duomo of Prato, Duomo of Piacenza, Cathedral of Cremona, Basilica of San Marco in Florence.


Since 2014 she is the manager of Team Crossover in Italy and she organizes masterclasses, workshops and now, the Opificio Sing & Craft.



There are countless treasures to be seen in Florence. We'll pick the best sites for you to see in a short time.

A tour guide will be included!







We'll visit the historical wine cellar of Villa Strozzi in the enchanting village of Montemurlo. Wine tasting will include the renowned Pinot nero of Marchese Pancrazi.








Prato,  Palazzo Pretorio



Visit the world-renowned Antonio Mattei cookie factory and learn to make Biscotti!


  An unforgettable dinner will be served to participants at an Italian Country House in Carmignano, a beautiful village in the heart of Tuscany.  The menu will feature local produce of the region.   Live music included!




THE CHOCOLATE SHOP Dona Malina originated in Florence in 2005 in an area called the Italian "Chocolate Valley" after a meeting between a violinist, an archeologist and a historical figure, Dona Malina, who is well known for the influence she had on the history of chocolate .




Food & Arts








Learn to make a real Italian dish like  home-made pasta, Ragu' Toscano sauce and  Tiramisu'  with an Italian-Tuscan chef. Dinner will follow.

Day 1

All day:  Participants arrive and check-in to accommodation at Magnolfi Nuovo.


8pm:  Official group welcome to Prato, Tuscany with Sara & Giovanna!

Day 2

Day 3


10:00 to 1:00pm:  Workshop @ SpaziMagnolfi


1:00 - 2:00pm:  Lunch break


3:30pm:  Travel to the location for the cooking class



- cooking class

- food tasting

- dinner included



10:00 to 1:00pm:  Workshop @ SpaziMagnolfi 


1:00 - 3:00pm:  Lunch brack


2:30pm:  Train to Florence! We will visit with tour guide included:

- Museo Opera del Duomo

- Battistero

- Walk around histarical Florence


Tickets are valid for 48 hours, so if you'd like to go back to Florence, we suggest visiting the following:


- Cripta of the Duomo

- Cupola of Giotto

- The Campanile

Day 4


9:00 to 10:00pm: visit the world-renowned Antonio Mattei cookie factory and learn to make Biscotti! Click on this video for a sneak peak --->


11:00am:  visit Palazzo Pretrorio in Prato and the historical city center. Tour guide included!


Complimentary lunch included!


3:00 - 5:00pm: workshop @ Spazi Magnolfi



Day 5

10:00 to 1:00 pm: Workshops @ SpaziMagnolfi 


1:00 - 3:30pm:  Lunch break


3:30 - 5:30pm - Firenze: Chocolate making course 


Day 6

No classes in the morning.   We like to give you a little break from the tour/classes and have the time for yourself to spend in the way you prefer..., look for souvenirs or writing postcards:-)


3:00pm:  Participants will be driven to the "Osteria di Mercanti" in Carmignano in the heart of Tuscany.


4:00- 6.00pm: workshop


Evening:  Dinner will be offered by the "Osteria" where participants will taste typical food from the region.


Evening:  A free concert  will be held by Sara Ruoti (voice) and Luigi Gagliardi (guitar)


Day 7


10:00 to 1:00pm:  Workshop @ SpaziMagnolfi


1:00 - 3:30pm - Lunch break


3:30pm - Participants will be driven to Montemurlo, a beautiful village were they will visit the ancient wine cellar of Villa Strozzi.  

- Wine tasting will include the famous Pinot noir of Marchese Pancrazi

- Visit the Rocca di Montemurlo





Day 8


10am:  Farewell breakfast and diploma ceremony


11am:  Guests check-out









Choose Your Package

Cost-Effective Options





€ 750






Pay in Full and SAVE  € 60


€ 690



to save your spot!

** Must be paid in full by June 1st to attend.

Non refundable deposit!



€ 150 deposit





€ 950





Pay in FULL and SAVE €80


€ 870




to save your spot!

** Must be paid in full by June 1st to attend.

Non refundable deposit!



€ 190 deposit





If you call from outside ITALY TEL: +39 335 548 3679

If you call from ITALY TEL:  +39 329 974 4707



You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

General FAQ



When should I arrive in Prato, Tuscany?

Anytime before 8pm local time on June 10th. Our welcome reception begins at 8pm.  


There is a age limit?  

Any age and level are welcome.  


The prices are listed in Euros (€). Can I purchase with my American credit/debit card?   

Absolutely! Prices are listed in Euros as we will be booking the hotel locally in Italy, but any credit/debit cards are accepted. Click HERE here to check the Euro / USD current conversion rate.


 Do I need to be a professional singer to attend?  

Absolutely not! This retreat is about finding your voice, not landing a gig at the MET :) We encourage all levels to attend, even if the only note you've ever sung was inside your shower.


What if I want to enroll later, for example, 2 months from now?

If we still have space (which is unlikely) you will still be able to enroll. However, the monthly payment plan prices will of course increase to reflect the fact that there are fewer months left to pay.


Is it possible to have a longer payment plan or a defered payment?

No, we offer only this options. All payments must be 100% complete by June 1st 2018 before the retreat begins


 What if I don't want to attend workshops one day and just visit Italy on my own?

This is YOUR retreat :) We will not be offended if you skip every single one of our lectures. You can attend just some with Giovanna, and none with Sara or vice-versa. This is not a certification course. Nothing is mandatory. Have fun!


 Is there a refund policy?

Due to limited class capacity all of the bookings we have to make very far in advance, we do not offer refunds for any reason. 


 I'm not sure I can make it this year. If I want to attend in 2019 instead of in 2018, will prices remain the same?

This is our first year hosting this retreat which means next year, you guessed it, prices are going up. For this year we did not factor in any profit for ourselves because we wanted to keep prices as low as possible for you. Next year, once we have our fancy gorgeous promo video and life-altering testimonials ready to share, that will very much not be the case because, let's face it, it's a lot of work to put something this beautiful together! In 2019 we expect prices to double, at least.



 How much time will be spent in class vs. exploring Italy?

As this is a retreat and not a certification or hardcore training course, we spend only an average of 2-4 hours in class and the rest exploring Italy. A major part of your transformation will be experiencing the beauty of Tuscany, where the Renaissance was born.


 How much time will be spent learning from Giovanna about singing and speaking vs. learning from Sara?

Great question! We'll be splitting our time evenly, 50/50.


 Will I receive a certification in Singing or Music? 

No, this is a retreat, not a certification course. If you would like to be a certified voice teacher check


 If I have trouble with stairs will there by wheelchair accessible access? 

Sometimes. For all of our lectures throughout workshops, yes, and the accommodations listed in package #2, yes. However, Italy has a lot of stairs, uneven walkways and a lot of cobblestone streets. We will not be able to guarantee easy wheelchair access for all excursions and recommend bringing a personal aid as we will not able to offer assistance or lifting. 


 What's included in breakfast?

Italian deliciousness! What you might imagine a  hostel with a great breakfast offers; brioche, coffee, prosciutto, eggs, etc. 


 Is the agenda subject to change?

Absolutely!  Sometimes things come up and we roll with the punches, although we promise any updates or changes will be just as amazing.




Purchasing Package 1? These answers are for you...


 Will you help me find other accommodations?   

No, we will not have the bandwidth to help with this. That being said,  we recommend TripAdvisor or Airbnb in Prato!


 Are there any other costs? 

 - If you purchase package #1 you need to find your flights and accommodations, and breakfasts are not included.


Additional Costs:

- All of your lunches and dinners, except for 3 which are on-the-house! (1 lunch and 2 dinners)

- Any gifts or souvenirs you would like to purchase. 

- Any additional excursions you would like to experience outside of what is listed in this itinerary.


 Will breakfasts be included for me?   

No, breakfast is only included in packages 2   as it is a perk of staying at SpaziMagnolfi.



Purchasing Package 2? These answers are for you...


 If I book my accommodations through package #2, will I have my own bathroom? 

No, this lovely center used to be the monastery and is very clean and yet very humble. This is also why the prices are so incredibly low :) There is a clean shared bathroom for every 2-3 single bedrooms. 


 Are there any other costs? 

 - If you purchase package #2 you need to find your own flights.

Additional costs:

- All of your lunches and dinners, except for 3 which are on-the-house! (1 lunch and 2 dinners)t which are on-the-house! 

- Any gifts or souvenirs you would like to purchase. 

- Any additional excursions you would like to experience outside of what is listed in this itinerary. 


 If I book my accommodations through package #2, are there queen and king beds available? 

No, this lovely center used to be the monastery and is very clean and very humble. This is also why the prices are so incredibly low :) All rooms have single beds and are meant to be for one occupant. 




Please read the FAQ above. If you still have questions, we'll be happy to help!

Simply email: