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​The Certification 




The First Certification in Italy!

This certification program is designed for teachers, students and singers from all over the world. This certificate was developed to satisfy the requests of TEACHERS who tried the Crossover Method, and who sought qualified guidance and an acknowledged and avant-garde network previously missing in Italy.  The Crossover Method has become internationally acknowledged and is among the most prevalent methods used in Italy today.  Giovanna Gattuso developed this singing and teaching method after many years of teaching experience and prolific collaborations with internationally renowned singers and vocal coaches. The Crossover Method is unique, simple, and easy to understand. It has proven to be an immediately effective method that takes all the existing musical styles, traditions and genres into consideration.  Teachers who have earned their certification through the Crossover Singing Method are guaranteed to provide students with reliable and competent vocal instruction.  The different CROX certification levels ensure greater knowledge and expertise in both vocal technique and teaching methods. Certified teachers become part of a constantly evolving network, and ultimately benefit from both professional and economic advantages connected with the method.



"Over the past 15 years of my teaching career in both Italy and USA, I have met and coached many gifted singers whose talents and qualities never cease to inspire me. My decision to certify vocal coaches to teach my "Crossover Singing Method" is a natural consequence inspired by the feedbackand continued results that I am continually shown by my very talented students".

Giovanna Gattuso


The formative process for certification can be followed by vocal coaches and students with serious intentions of teaching and who possess a positive and strong sense of communication.  More information about the certification process can be found by clicking here F.A.Q.

Our mission with the Crossover Singing Method is to guarantee students and teachers to learn and teach a healthy vocal technique which will allow a strong and practical approach when applied to any musical style.


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